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Faces on Bases with Speech Bubbles

Give thoughtfully this season.

Unique, hand-crafted metal art designed for kitchen list, love notes and friendly garden hello's.  The perfect gift this holiday season for the art lover in your life.

Free shipping on all Canadian orders from now until December 24, 2020.  Notes and marker included

($165 each)

Faces on Bases with Speech Bubbles

Faces on Bases with Speech Bubbles

Look familiar?

Faces on Bases with NEW message feature!

Tis’ the season to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you.

Write special notes and reminders all year round. Perfect for your kitchen, office, front porch and more.

Buy now and receive free Canadian shipping.

Offer ends December 24, 2020.

Notes and marker included!

($165.00 each)

Faces on Bases with Speech Bubbles

Three Musicians

This is my interpretation of Picasso's painting, "Three Musicians"

Metal 44"x44"

Three Musicians

Lawn Spheres

These look awesome on the lawn.  Various sizes available

The large one in this photo is 42" diameter and the smaller one is 36" in diameter. 

Any size can be made to your specifications.

Large:  $245

Small: $200

Lawn Spheres

City Block

This sculpture replicates five skyscrapers you might find in any major world city.


CA $10,000

Metal Sculpture: Plant and Water Feature

Some of my favourite things about Spring are seeing the flowers starting to spring up, the light rain showers and the birds coming back home to enjoy the warmer weather!

I made this piece with all these things in mind. The glass bowl is the perfect bird bath, don’t you think?!

I’d put this piece right by my backyard window so I can watch the birds come and go!

CA $650.00

Metal Mask

Metal mask on a metal background


Metal Mask

Female Torso #2

Female torso using hundreds of nuts welded together

Female Torso

Armillary Sphere

This armillary sphere is smaller than the full sized ones.  A wonderful addition in the garden none the less

Armillary Sphere

Hemisphere 2

This hemisphere is 30" in diameter

Hemisphere 2

Hemisphere 1

This hemisphere is comprised of many small rectangles of metal pieces welded together in a hemispherical shape

16" diameter


Shovel Head Bird Feeder

Order your Shovel Head Bird Feeder today before the winter season begins. Sculpture may appear different than what is depicted.  Contact for photos of bird feeders available

Bird Feeder

Blue Eye

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Blue Eye

Untitled 17

This piece would look good on any person's desk. Sometimes a piece of art does not need to represent anything but just be interesting

Metal, 3"x7"

Untitled 17


This is a great piece for the garden or front lawn.  Three metal rings with a large rock suspended in the center. 

Contact to have a commission done.

Metal, rock, 42"x42"x42"

Sphere with Rock

Big Mouth

Metal, 26"x42"

Big Mouth

With Child 2

Metal, 9"x16"

With Child 2

Watson 9

Metal, wood, 8"x14"

Watson 9

Family Portrait

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Product 2