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Multiple Personalities:

This sphere started out by dismantling a sculpture I had titled, "Family Portrait", a metal frame holding 11 faces. I had it longer than I wanted to so I decided to take it apart and create a sphere of faces. 

This sphere has 21 faces all forged to fit a 24" sphere. Ten more faces had to be made to complete this piece. 

The sculpture was sprayed with vinegar, water and hydrogen peroxide to create an even rust patina and then coated with several coats of clear coat to seal in the rust.


Blue Star

This is an 18" diameter sphere with a very shiny coat.

Choose from various types of pedestals.  This would look stunning in your garden.

Blue Sphere

Red Star

"Red Sphere" is a working title.

Metal... 18" in diameter, just over 1,000 square inches of surface area.  Black undercoating with a red top coat and a clear coat.

Red Star

EARTH: an oblate spheroid

This oblate spheroid represents the earth, and all the pieces are the continents, countries and people connected side by side in all their perfections and imperfections.

Metal.... 34" in diameter.  Over 2,500 pieces covering close to 4,000 square inches of surface area.

This would make a great statement in your yard or garden

NEW PRICE:  I'm offering a price adjustment from $6000 to $4995.  This is based on a learning curve calculation.

EARTH: an oblate spheroid

Extreme Symphony

Extreme Symphony is made up of 12 equal sides with all matching angles, creating a perfect metal dodecahedron and a perfect musical score.

Extreme Symphony

Alpine Village

This little sculpture is made up of recycled pieces of metal welded together to represent an alpine village

Metal.... 12"x9"....... sits on a desktop

Alpine Village

Street Scene

This little sculpture is made up of recycled pieces of metal welded together to represent a typical street scene.

Metal.... 12"x9"....... sits on a desktop

Street Scene

Three Musicians

This is my interpretation of Picasso's painting, "Three Musicians"

Metal 44"x44"

Three Musicians

Lawn Spheres

These look awesome on the lawn.  Various sizes available

The large one in this photo is 42" diameter and the smaller one is 36" in diameter. 

Any size can be made to your specifications.

Large:  $295

Small: $250

Lawn Spheres


This is a great piece for the garden or front lawn.  Three metal rings with a large rock suspended in the center. 

Contact to have a commission done.

Metal, rock, 42"x42"x42"

Sphere with Rock

City Block

This sculpture replicates five skyscrapers you might find in any major world city.


CA $9,250

Metal Sculpture: Plant and Water Feature

Some of my favourite things about Spring are seeing the flowers starting to spring up, the light rain showers and the birds coming back home to enjoy the warmer weather!

I made this piece with all these things in mind. The glass bowl is the perfect bird bath, don’t you think?!

I’d put this piece right by my backyard window so I can watch the birds come and go!

CA $650.00

Shovel Head Bird Feeder

Order your Shovel Head Bird Feeder today before the winter season begins. Sculpture may appear different than what is depicted.  Contact for photos of bird feeders available

Bird Feeder

Blue Eye

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Blue Eye

Big Mouth

Metal, 26"x42"

Big Mouth

With Child 2

Metal, 9"x16"

With Child 2

Watson 9

Metal, wood, 8"x14"

Watson 9