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Walden​ ​Three Studio

Recently sold

Abstract Metal Sculpture


Dare to be different

This 18" diameter sphere consists of many varying diameters of pipe pieces 1" thick

The one square piece in this sculpture reminds us that it's ok to be different.  Read Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on "Self Reliance"

Three Ring Sphere

48" in diameter

Honey Comb 2

This sphere is very similar to the other Honey Comb.  This one has three different sizes of pipe pieces.

Honey Comb 1 has been left to rust, but this one is painted with a high gloss black paint.

Honey Comb 1

This sphere uses over 100 pieces of 2" pipe cut at 1 1/2" long all welded together to create an 18" sphere

3 Piece Composition

This piece was inspired by the fact that all the snow had melted off my scrap metal tables and I thought to find just a few pieces to create a non-representational piece and this is what came out.

Armillary Sphere

All parts of this sphere move.  The centre ball is made of copper

Winter Star

Winter Star is a metal sphere using polygons and long rectangular pieces.

Metal....  18" in diameter, just over 1,000 square inches of surface area. 

Pirate Ship

This is a really fun piece. This looks like it was just dragged out of the Atlantic Ocean off the Outer Banks. A great statement piece

Metal:  44" wide.... 30" tall, on a 3" column. The ship turns on the column

Hemisphere II

This hemisphere consists of hundreds of metal shapes.


Armillary Sphere

This armillary sphere is smaller than the full sized ones.  A wonderful addition in the garden none the less

Hemisphere 1

This hemisphere is comprised of many small rectangles of metal pieces welded together in a hemispherical shape

16" diameter

Metal Mask

Metal mask on a metal background


Metal Mask

Female Torso #2

Female torso using hundreds of nuts welded together

Big Oval

This sculpture changes from every viewing angle and more so when you move back a bit.  This sculpture is an impressive 7 feet tall so it would make a great statement in your yard or garden.


This piece does not have a title because it means many things to many people.  It's just a composition

Metal, 24"x24"x12"


Tenor Guitar

Metal, 14"x34"

Tenor Guitar

Steel Guitar

Metal, 12"x33"

Product 2

Armillary Sphere

This armillary sphere is on a concrete pedestal and would look great in any yard or garden 

Armillary Sphere

A wonderful addition to your yard or garden.  This armillary sphere has a copper ball in the center

Armillary Sphere

This is a wonderful addition to your yard or garden.

Armillary Sphere

This sphere sits on a fabulous rough hewn beam.  A great accent piece in your garden

Armillary Sphere

This armillary sphere has a removable porcelain ball in the center representing either the sun or the earth

Gardening Buddies

This is a great companion pair that you could place in your gardening space.

Brush Hair

I found this old brush one day and thought it would make excellent hair for one of my Face Series

Paint Brush

Another example of finding something cool and incorporating it into a sculpture


This is a very Picasoesque piece in my Face Series

Four Horseman of the Apocolypse

This armillary sphere has four armatures pointing towards the Ptolemaic center of the universe. 

At 60" in circumference and 50" high this sculpture makes an impressive addition to any yard or garden.

Three Tier Water Feature

This is a great piece for your garden.  It would make a fabulous statement

51" diameter and 32" front to back.  The cat tails stand higher